Databases Entity: Definition, Matchmaking, Services and Configurations

Databases entity is the key factor in all relational database. CentriQS Configurator enables you to do database having one individualized organization to own specific organization need otherwise numerous individualized organizations regarding for each and every almost every other getting meeting advanced organization requirements. Also you can include your own personalized database entity having ready-made task management provider.

What’s Databases Entity?

Database entity is one thing, individual, place, device, object or anything regarding that analysis are captured and you can stored in the type of properties, workflow and tables. When you find yourself workflow and you can tables is actually optional to possess databases organization, features are essential (given that entity versus functions isn’t an entity).

Organization Attributes

Organization house is a feature of your organization nonetheless sometimes it is tough to say if databases item can be an organization or a property. For this specific purpose, you need to wonder: “Is the item from priple, ‘email address is actually out-of lead attract to possess ‘email databases, but if you carry out an excellent ‘customer database, ‘customer could be the databases entity, if you find yourself ‘email is consumers possessions.

Some of organization properties normally show databases organization dating, i.age. associate one organization to some other entity. Such as for example, organization ‘Business have property ‘Customer you to is the entity ‘Buyer so as that once you would a different job you might get rid of on the directory of members and choose a customer getting and this that business was complete.

Entity Dining tables

Entity desk is a type of sub-organization inside the chief organization (as organization dining table possesses its own attributes). Such, organization ‘Purchase which includes such qualities once the Acquisition ID, Order Go out, etcetera. have desk ‘Products which has its own features such as for example Unit Label, Amounts, Rates, etcetera.

In addition to often it might be hard to pick if or not you will find a desire to manage entity desk otherwise put several attributes so you can the newest organization by itself. Particularly, to own organization ‘Get in touch with you ought to just take target pointers detailed with properties ‘Roadway, ‘Town, ‘State, etc. If per get in touch with only has one address, following such attributes normally fall under entity, when you are should your get in touch with might have numerous contact, this type of functions should end up in entity dining table.

Organization Workflow

Organization workflow is a kind of an organization lifecycle hence consists off claims, transitions and you will good reason why organization transits from 1 condition to a different. Including, when users replace the state of entity ‘Task of ‘In progress so you can ‘Signed they are able to pick one of offered explanations: ‘Done otherwise ‘Terminated.

As well as workflow could have actions did because of the CentriQS automatically when transition amongst the states happen. Including, in case your county off entity ‘Chance gets changed away from ‘Available to ‘Finalized, the system will immediately get into latest date and time into the job ‘Big date Finalized.

Entity Configurations

Organization setup was system popular features of the entity. Many of them will be lay when new organization is done and should not feel altered adopting the changes try committed, anyone else might be edited and you will changed any time after.

Meta Identity, Title, and you will Monitor Term

Organization have three names: ‘Meta Title, ‘Label and you will ‘Screen Title. The first a couple (‘Meta Label and you can ‘Name) are used by program around as soon as lay they can not become altered, since the last one to (‘Screen Term) was shown in interface and can end up being changed at any date.

Password Prefix

Code prefix is utilized in the beginning of the entity property ‘Code (the amount that’s immediately given to the for every the fresh new entity if it is created and spared on database). Including, default organization ‘Activity enjoys password prefix ‘T so when you create the initial activity it’ll have password ‘T1.

In the event the database will receive several agencies one begin by the brand new exact same letter, it is preferable to create password prefix off 2-3-cuatro letters. For example, entity ‘Get in touch with could have code prefix ‘CONT.


Malfunction career is employed to provide a far more outlined concept of this new organization in the event the identity does not chat to own itself. Including, entity ‘Get in touch with could have the next breakdown “Contact details on the providers website subscribers and you will subcontractors”.


Automagically organization term was formatted so you can correspond into organization password, not after you put customized organization features you could potentially change name structure. Eg, organization ‘Get in touch with might have title that’ll immediately sign up industries ‘Code, ‘First-name and you will ‘History Title.


Icons receive which have organization ‘Display Name in different views. Brief signs receive regarding lose down entity lists, near the top of entity detail look at, etcetera. High icons get on top of the main see, throughout the Visit diet plan, etcetera. Each other smaller than average large signs would be shown from the bend.

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